Is there something you innately know, a gift you have with animals, that now is the time to explore?

A warm welcome to the animal lovers of the world!


We are a special breed, you and I. When we’re with a horse, a cat, or a dog, we don’t just see a furry companion. We see an incredible being that’s inviting us to a greater connection with them.


Animals have a unique way of communicating and learning to listen to their subtle energetic messages is an amazing journey of self-discovery. Especially, for anyone who doesn’t think they can! Speaking with animals gets easier and becomes naturally part of you.


I’ve learned a lot about animal communication from Talk to the Animals, (an Access Consciousness specialty class) and before that, from my dog Mia.


Part Labrador, part Shepherd, Mia was diagnosed with a congenital bone disease when she was 7 months old. The vet told us that her leg would have to be amputated, so I began seeking alternatives.


Because Mia was challenged with her body, she led me to many different people: herbalists, dieticians, and an animal whisperer. The clarity and accuracy of the animal reading blew me away and also gave me hope. Mia wasn’t like other dogs. During our 11 happy years together, she contributed hugely to my life and helped me to recognise my abilities with animals.


For over 20 years I had been running a successful natural therapies practice and working with thousands of clients to create phenomenal changes in their bodies and lives. I put it down to the universe, or some act of god, never thinking it had anything to do with me. I’m not very bright sometimes! So the animals helped me to connect the dots.


After Mia’s death, I began fostering greyhounds through the Friends of the Hound in Queensland, an organisation dedicated to the welfare of former racing dogs. I assisted with fostering, rehabilitating, and re-homing over 30 greyhounds.


Seeing these traumatised animals transform, within a relatively short period, was beyond magical. It brought home the infinite possibilities available with animals if we can be a space of caring, allowance, and awareness.


In Talk To The Animals classes, we learn to engage with animals and be so present with our energy, that miracles occur quite regularly! Animals don’t hold on to their past. They are so willing to trust and transform, change and contribute to everyone around them.


Every animal class takes you on an incredible journey to become a greater leader, whilst learning tools, tricks, and processes to change many things that go on for animals.


Along the way, you gain an appreciation and gratitude for the earth, the animals, and yourself.


What capacities do you have that haven’t fully awoken? I invite you to join me on an adventure with the animals and hope to see you in person soon!


I am also available for one-on-one animal readings and animal/owner sessions and would be delighted to meet you and your animal. Please email infin8.viv@gmail.com for bookings.



Special License Abuse Hold Practitioner (AHP)

Access Bars Practitioner (BP)

Access Bars Facilitator (BF)

Access Certified Facilitator (CF)

Intro Class Facilitator (CFMW)

Talk to The Animals Facilitator (TTTA CF)

Talk to The Animals Facilitator Trainer (TTTA FT)


Australia, United Kingdom, Europe and “By Request”