I consider this book and class – that I have the honour of facilitating – one of the most valuable gifts I have ever received.

I had spent the best part of 24 years of my “earning career” making good money but having nothing to show for it. At the ripe age of 42 I had a grand total of $420 in savings. I recognised I had created a rollercoaster relationship with money. No matter what I did, I never had enough. I was convinced I was hopeless with money.

I set about changing this and read scores of books on money and wealth creation. None of them gave me what I was searching for. Until Prosperity Consciousness showed up!

I gained true self empowerment, a deep internal shift and the tools to continue to change my reality with money and finances. This also organically flowed into every other area of my life that wasn’t working. Today, I travel the world offering the courageous ones the possibilities they too are seeking. I enjoy the honour of facilitating this class globally and Steve and Chutisa Bowman (the creators of Prosperity Consciousness) have become good friends.

The Prosperity Consciousness classes are a gift to everyone who are dedicated to creating a life greater than what they know now and to making a difference in the world.

To the Possibilitarians!

Tick off any of the following statements that apply to you:

  1. You find yourself going through the day saying ‘There isn’t enough of this and I don’t have enough of that’
  1. Your judgments, outlook and viewpoints are governed by the fear of not having enough money

  1. Money is the number one cause of your stress “I don’t have enough money” runs through your head regularly
  1. You stay in a job or career that you don’t enjoy for fear of not getting another job
  1. You spend your days doing work you don’t really want  to do, just to make money
  1. You have abandoned your dreams and are fearful of taking the slightest chance
  1. You are fearful of losing what you have
  1. You are driven in an endless and un-fulfilling pursuit of more money, resources and assets

  1. Money causes fighting, struggle, hostility, resentment and unhappiness in your life

  1. You have a hard time being genuinely happy for the success other people have

If you check off even one of these statements, you are under the spell of a scarcity mindset. Even one of the above outlooks deeply engrained in your psyche is enough to interfere with your effort to become wealthy and successful.

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Prosperity Consciousness is a class based on the book (below) written by Chutisa and Steve Bowman.

Are you aware that you attract money, wealth, people, events, and circumstances to your life, not by what you do or have, but by who you are?

You can know everything about investment schemes, financial strategies, real estate investment, and the top secrets of high finance. But if your awareness, or consciousness, concerning money is based on the scarcity paradigm, then you will never have the sense that you have enough money. Unless your prosperity consciousness expands, your relationship with money will remain unchanged, trapping you at the same degree of limitation and financial mess. When you receive more money, your financial confusion will simply grow in proportion to the amount you obtain. Stop falling for “get rich quick” and anti-conscious money-making schemes, and focus instead on the Bowmans’ unique Access Consciousness philosophy of living.

This philosophy helps you change your viewpoint of money, prosperity, and abundance and provides you with tools, inspiration, and transformational processes you can use on your path to financial success. Ease the expansion of your prosperity consciousness, and set in motion a whole new way of being and living with awareness. Let go of your limitations and create a more abundant, prosperous and joyful life!

The good news is that you can choose to cultivate and expand your consciousness to create success and abundance. This is what we call Prosperity Consciousness.